Ideas And Tips To An Impressive DIY Chandelier

Working on an inexpensive DIY chandelier project is a good option for homeowners who want to create a statement in their dining room or foyer but are on a tight budget. Not only can homeowners save money by creating their own chandelier, but they can also add flair and personality to their home this way. By using convenient materials such as beads, candle holders, mason jars and wax paper, homeowners can truly make a one of a kind chandelier. Below are some ideas to create some incredible diy chandelier.

Paper Chandeliers

This kind of a DIY chandelier is quite simple and easy to make, often the most profound impact can be made with a paper chandelier. Instead of regular paper, sturdier paper such as construction paper, poster board or wax paper can be used to make paper chandeliers. The additional materials needed include:

  • Hanging planter basket
  • Ribbon
  • Sticks

Bead Chandeliers

A bead chandelier is another magnificent and unique DIY chandelier that is sturdier than paper. The great thing is that unlike other kinds, less manual labor is required when making bead chandeliers. By using beads with funky patterns and in vivid colors, an impressive statement can be made by homeowners. Additional materials needed are:

  • Hanging wire basket
  • Other embellishments
  • Packages of colored beads

Mason Jar Chandelier

A mason jar chandelier is an absolutely splendid DIY chandelier that is not only ideal for a country cottage dining room or kitchen, but even for barn and outdoor weddings. Homeowners can make their mason jar chandelier stand out by painting the jar with crackle paint to create a luminous and unique look.

Bubble Chandelier

A bubble chandelier is one of the most delicate DIY chandelier ideas. It consists of a cluster of luminous glass globes. These chandeliers look clean, chic, industrial, modern and traditional all at the same time. The light is appropriate for any room setting. It is ideal for small areas such as small tabletops, dressing rooms or bedrooms. The materials needed are:

  • CB2 bubble balls
  • Fishing line
  • Half mirror light bulbs
  • Silver Christmas balls

Tips for DIY Chandeliers

Apart from the fact that homeowners get to create these chandeliers by themselves, a DIY chandelier functions just like any other chandelier. The following are tips on how to hang a Do-It-Yourself chandelier at the right height.

  • Dining room: The chandelier should be hung at least 30 inches above the dining table.
  • Near entryways: Chandeliers near bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, stairwells or other areas where people might walk should be hung at least 6 to 7 feet from the floor.

In a dining room, a beautiful Do-It-Yourself chandelier can become the focal point. The best way to install a chandelier perfectly in the center of a room is to find the center of the room by taking precise measurements.

Many homeowners, who are considering replacing their existing chandelier or want to install a new one, often get bored of the same old choices available in the market. This is a good opportunity for homeowners to utilize their creativity by making a DIY chandelier and adding a unique touch to their interior.