How to Clean your Crystal Chandelier

There are several types of crystal chandeliers in the market.  Some of those are black crystal chandelier, bubble chandelier,   mini crystal chandelier and many more. Here are some more of them.

  • Swarovski Crystal Chandelier– It is considered as the finest chandelier that was originated in Austria.  It is clear and brilliant. It is also a type of crystal that is easily maintained and cleaned since it has invisible coating.
  • Legacy Crystal Chandelier – These are the crystals that are being mold and polished using fire. It is made from Venice and created for antiques.
  • Hand-cut Crystal Chandelier – Buyers can choose the style they want on their personal style because it is made by a craftsman.
  • Vintage Crystal Chandelier – From the word itself, it is antique. Most of the buyers collect this kind of chandeliers having a jewelled section and charms to look it more beautiful.
  • Rock Crystal Chandelier – It is a kind of crystal created way back million years ago. And of course, if you will buy this kind of chandeliers, surely you will have a unique crystal.

If you have crystal chandeliers, you must also know how to clean them.  Crystals are very delicate, so cleaning them must be done gently. Crystals can be dented and broke easily if it is not correctly handled.  If cleaning is not carefully handled, it can be ruined especially the frame.

Essential Guidelines in  Proper Handling of Chandelier

  • First, the bulb and crystals must be turned off before removing them.
  • Use cotton clothes that are so soft. Not reusable dusting materials can scrapecrystals.
    • Do not use sprays cleaner directly to the chandelier. Doing so may damage the frame of the chandelier or the chandelier itself.
    • Do not put the crystal chandelier to the shelf of the dishwasher. There are two reasons why dishwasher is not suitable for cleaning crystal chandelier. One is that etching and pitting may occur if you will use dishwashing detergent upon cleaning crystal chandelier. The second reason is that permanent damage may occur with the strapping jets of water.

Before detaching the chandelier crystal parts, try to take some picture. It is important to take pictures on different angle for it is easy to assemble it again after cleaning.  Do not use indicators and labels for the parts.

One must also consider the cleaning frequency. Chandelier must be cleaned once a year or every 12 months. But the frequency depends on the area where the chandelier is being placed, if it is found in the kitchen it is more prone to grease so it must be cleaned frequently. These are just tips when you clean and maintain the beauty of your chandelier. It is still best to check your manual before you clean your chandelier.