Sparkly Fabulous Bubble Chandelier

The bubble chandelier offers a sophisticated yet whimsical and charming presentation for any room of the home. Available in a wide variety of design shapes and sizes, matching your new bubble light chandelier to existing furniture and decor is not only fun, but easy as well. Designer chandeliers can cost anywhere from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars.  You can choose to make your own using materials readily available online for a unique look with a personal touch of style and elegance.  Either way, this light fixture is sure to brighten up any room and turn heads at your next party or house gathering.

Basic Designs for Chandeliers

While the design options for crystal chandelier units are diverse, most share some common design elements.

  • Small Glass Globes: These globes are arranged in a variety of configurations and help to diffuse light while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the chandelier.
  • Concealed Cabling: In most designs, the cables that lead from the ceiling to the bulbs are wrapped in rope, metal shrouding or other items to provide a clean, sophisticated appearance.
  • Multiple Lights: Common light designs feature three to five light fixtures. However, this number can vary. In most cases, these fixtures use clear, round bulbs to complete the look of the chandelier.

2 Factors when Choosing Chandeliers

When it comes to choosing the perfect cascading glass bubble chandelier for your home or office, there are a few factors to consider. Using these tips will ensure your new chandelier looks great and offers optimal lighting.

  • Size and Placement: If you intend to place your light in central area of the room or near a walkway, choosing a lamp with a short length is ideal. This will ensure that the lamp is not bumped and does not impede movement. If you are using the lamp to accent the room or it is near a wall or corner, longer lamps offer increased visual impact and lighting potential.
  • Theme: By matching various elements on the lamp to existing decor and furniture, you can improve the overall look of your room. Rope and textile accessories match well with a nautical or country theme. Brass, copper or metal accessories work great with a modern look. Glass accessories create a floating appearance for minimalist rooms. Wooden supports offer a richness and warmth for contemporary looks.

DIY Bubble Chandelier

Bubble light chandelier designs can be quite expensive. However, if you do not mind assembling the chandelier yourself, you can often build one for a fraction of the price.

Basic Materials Needed

  • Flexible wire
  • Clear hanging wire or fishing line
  • CB2 glass bulbs
  • Lamp wiring
  • Light bulbs
  • Chandelier mounts

Once you have gathered the materials, you are ready to get started.

  • Create a small wire loop that will fit within the CB2 glass bulbs.
  • Attach fishing line or wire to the loop.
  • Insert the loop into the glass bulb.
  • Attach wire and bulb to glass bubble chandelier mount.
  • Repeat until you have your desired design.
  • Attach and situated lamp wiring in the center of the chandelier.
  • Insert light bulbs.
  • Plug in the lamp wire and test your design.

The flexibility of the bubble chandelier like dining room chandeliers makes them an ideal DIY weekend project. This could also be a great bonding with your family or friends. So make one for yourself and enjoy while constructing your very own chandelier.